Who We Are

Cute crawling baby
Lotte Technology is a widely recognized manufacturer and exporter of educational toys that are designed to provide both knowledge and entertainment to children.

We represent AZ Toys brand and host a range of toys, which are not only aimedfor the entertainment of kids, but are also appropriate for educational purposes.

Our products are designed to offer optimum satisfaction and secure the admiration of our esteemed clients. The product range comprises educational smartphones and tablets, kids’ pads, musical toys, sound mats and pianos, microphones, educational cards, smart pens, unique and unusual puzzles.

A team of skilled designers, engineers and customer service specialists adheres to the highest standards of performance in producingand delivering our own product range as well as customized products, OEM, ODM. Our professionals leave no stone unturned to ensure the delivery of quality products only.

Our goal is not simply to find a perfect way for parents to keep their kids happy, but also to provide children with the opportunity to get as close to their fantasy as possible playing with the variety of our toys. It's about presenting the latest and most innovative toys from all around the world to the new generation of kids in just one place.

Why Choose Us?

We stand apart from our competitors due to:

  • Superior quality
  • Innovative products
  • Competitive prices
  • Long experience and extensive industry knowledge
  • Highly competent team
  • Customer focused approach