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Pull Along

Wow! These are the most adorable pull along animals you have ever seen in your life! Our designers changed the ferocious lion, angry hippo, giant elephant and quiet tortoise into lovely looking toys in attractive colours to draw the attention of any infant. Pull along series will help the kids in self-development and boost their…
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Baby Animals

These bright-coloured musical animals have a special tummy with animal pictures, colours, shapes and numbers on it. The attractive buttons on the froglet, owlet and chick will help the little ones memorize numbers, animal voices and popular tunes. After the kids play with the Cute chick, Funny Froglet and Sweet Owlet for a while, they…
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Animal Cuties

Come and meet the animal cuties! The little ones will fall in love with these gleeful animals. A wide range of animals can be selected to be their playmates: they can choose Squirrel, Bear, Kitten, Horse, Elephant, Pig, Hen, Duck, Turtle, Dino, Dog, Sheep, Hare or Cow.  Press the colourful buttons at the back of…
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Amazing Hedgehog

This cute hedgehog in charming purple colour will easily draw the kid’s attention! The children can press any button with a forest animal on the back of the hedgehog - it will play different tunes and cheerful songs. Six amusing tunes and three famous songs will encourage the kids to dance and sing along! They…
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