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Multi-functional shape-sorting house

This well-crafted and colorfully designed shape sorting house will become one of the little one’s first beloved toys. The house itself and the shapes within it are just the right size for youngsters to carry and match, learning the ABCs. When they turn to the other side of the house, they can learn how to…
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Super toys for super kids

Super player in light grass green colour which looks like a big sweet apple. Colourful images with captivating animals, press it and it will make hilarious animal sounds. Press the music notes and it will play famous songs. The little ones can mix their own music with animal voices to become a musician.  It is…
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Baby Smartphone Little One

The Baby Smartphone series includes four unique toy smartphones. The bright-coloured Farm, Forest and Zoo have plenty of animal voices, songs, and tunes - once the little one touches the cute animals on the phone, it encourages the babies to sing along.  It is a great toy for the babes to delve into singing and…
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Lively Zoo

Let’s meet the live animals from MINI PAD lively zoo. Infants will learn the animal names, sounds and memorize their appearance from the adorable images while they are playing with the portable pad. Little ones will turn into zoo expert and able to introduce zebra, tiger, monkey, elephant, parrot, hippo, sloth, crocodile, flamingo, panda, yak,…
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