EXCLUSIVE! New Generation 3D Puzzle Craft!

3D T. REX – from cardboard sheets to the amazing 3D model of 30cm high! Our team presents the extraordinary 3D Puzzle Craft that provides children with a great opportunity to construct an impressive 3D model of T. REX without using glue, tape or scissors. This incredible super durable model is quite easy to assemble: a child needs to push out the die-cut elements from the cardboard sheets and follow simple step-by-step instructions written right on the box.

But what’s the most impressive is that our team has equipped the dino with the sound module that can be put into the special compartment of the construction and the fierce dino will come to life with a roar! With this sound module the dino reacts to touch, voice or even a handclap! Kids can also find bright reusable stickers inside the box, use their imagination and decorate their dino as they wish. They can play now with a real T.REX!

We have no doubt - this new cutting edge product will help children develop creativity and new skills: logical thinking, spatial intelligence, imagination and problem solving. The innovative construction is made of cardboard, what makes the toy safe for kids and affordable for parents. The detailed free video instructions will help to construct this amazing predator:

Activate your imagination and sink into the fantastic world of terrifying dinos!

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