Incredible Musical Mats

Numerous styles of musical mats have been carefully created by us in order to appeal to children of various interests and characters. Can you imagine a musical mat keyboard that sounds just like a real piano? You can find such a toy, Merry Piano, in one of our series – Musical Mat. Colourful and cute animals can be found in all types of our musical mats, just like popular tunes and animal voices that let the kids mix and match the music themselves.

Music is the key factor to enhance skills development - intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. The toddlers can also sing and dance to the mat’s music when they are mixing their own tunes to express their emotions and feelings through their performance. Grownups can easily join the children and play with the mat together with them, which is essential to strengthening the child-parent bond.

Don’t miss these creative activity mats for your kids!

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