Tactile Puzzles – Unique Puzzles for Babies

Many little details need to come together so that a perfect toy could be created. It should engage the child’s imagination, inspire creativity, provide new knowledge and, of course, be enjoyable to play with. But a truly great toy should not be just a sum total of these qualities. It should be something more. That’s what we’ve had in mind while creating our new series – Tactile Puzzles.

While construction sets and puzzles of different forms and from various materials are in high demand in the toy market nowadays, most of them are designed for the children of 3+. This is how the idea to create a puzzle product for infants and toddlers was born. At this age, not only motor skills development but also multi-sensory experiments are very important. To ensure that both of these aspects are addressed, we decided to take an innovative approach and enhance the puzzle pieces using tactile elements.

Comprised of two lovingly designed products – Cute Dinos and Zoo Animals – the Tactile Puzzles series is dedicated to bringing an exceptional playing experience to the babies from one year old, at the same time contributing to the development of their sensory abilities, motor skills, logical thinking and imagination.

Each of the two colourful puzzle sets consists of 16 large puzzle pieces that make up 4 adorable characters – dinosaurs or animals. Every character has a special feature – a tactile element that captures the little one’s attention and is so fun to touch! The textures of the elements are different in order to provide varying sensory experiences while mimicking the softness of a wing, the roughness of scales, or the fluffiness of fur.

With its attractive texture inserts, handy size of puzzle pieces and the most friendly and lovable characters, the Tactile Puzzles series is a perfect choice for curious little ones!

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