Cat School – Turn and Learn

After months of dedicated work, we are proud to announce that our new exclusive series of two-sided phones is on its way to your local shops!

Turn and Learn is an exceptional collection of ingenious toy smartphones that are packed with great first knowledge facts, amusing sounds, popular songs, cheerful tunes and the most favourite fairy tales! The little ones will surely be excited to meet the adorable animals and friendly characters eager to help learn everything about the world around: colours, shapes, numbers – you name it! Specially for the little musicians, we have also added a magic piano. The future Mozarts will be delighted to play it and create their own musical pieces!

The series includes six wonderful toys: Animal Phone, Knowledge Phone, Fairy Phone, Musical Phone, Cat School and Monkey Lessons. Individually and as a whole Turn and Learn series’ toys cater to all of the children’s play and knowledge needs. Our team created each and every one of them with great love and care so that playing with them would be a truly enjoyable and at the same time educative experience.

Prepare to explore all sides of fun with Turn and Learn smartphones! Have no doubts: no matter which of them you will choose, lots of happy smiles are guaranteed!

Click here to see the product "TURN AND LEARN - Cat School"

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